An Easy Quick Guide To Planning Your Trip That Works - How should I plan my trip?

Everyone plans their trips differently. Travel planning can be stressful, especially for overseas travel, and when traveling with kids or with seniors.

Finally, you’ve decided on where to go, you’ve booked your flight with an airline company you feel comfortable with, and you are now juggling between cheaper accommodations that are further away from the main public transport, or accommodations that are close to the main station but a lot more expensive. You also need to work out your total budget and how much cash you are willing to exchange. Renting a router or a sim card for internet data service is necessary if you rely heavily on nearby restaurants, Google Maps, or messenger apps. 

The moment you step out of you home you would start spending money from day 1, and my advise for your is to plan as much as you can for each day, and spend your cash wisely, however, try not to have any regrets on things you’ve decided not to purchase but the item is something that you really want. 

Below is a list of things to consider, some are in obvious orders: You need to decide on where to go, book flights, and secure where to stay before you look into other details. 

  1.  Decide on where to go, decide your reason for going there. For example, a ski trip to NZ.
  2.  I usually book my flights and accommodation on the same day, or only a few days apart.
  3.  Move on to booking other necessary things, like cars, gears for skiing/snowboarding, and start writing down how much you have spent for each expense/transaction. Book your internet data if possible.
  4. It is important to make reservations to restaurants that you want to go.
  5. Plan each day geographically, your should maximize your time each day.
  6. Find out about opening hours for restaurants, bars, department stores near where you will be staying, there is nothing worse than arriving back at your hotel room feeling hungry and finding out there isn’t any room service available or places nearby that’s still opened. Look for a 24 hours supermarket!
  7.  Check all passports, apply for a visa if necessary, and print out copies of any important documents (Any booking confirmation numbers).
  8.  Apply for a credit card that does not require any charges for overseas transactions. Try to bring 2-3 cards with you.
  9.  Apply for travel insurance.
  10. After you finish planning things you want to do each day geographically, look for places to shop and eat around those area.
  11. Figure out your transportation for each day, a lot of time will be wasted if you don’t plan your transportation prior to the trip. 
  12.  Go do any shopping where necessary before your trip: A new luggage with TSA lock, new shoes suitable for walking, a backpack, a ski jacket, etc.
  13.  Pack, Pack, Pack!
  14. Double check your passports, money, cards – Make sure all the important items are in your bag. I have seen so many people panic at the airport because they forgot to bring their passport with them. 
  15. Enjoy your trip! Try not to get sick or lose anything valuable, and stay safe!